Fire Warden

Fire prevention

At RS Safety Consulting we can train a group of your employees to become Fire Wardens so that they can assist other employees in the event of a fire and to check the building to ensure that everyone has evacuated. Alternatively, we can train all of your staff to assist with the prevention of fires and the procedure to follow in case of a fire breaking out. We can tailor the training to suit you. We always attempt to keep the training informative yet fun and include interactive classroom sessions, films and practical extinguisher training where possible.

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Our Fire Warden Training Courses have the following content:

All of our courses examine fire safety, fire prevention and fire detection, as well as emergency procedures within the workplace.

  • Fire statistics
  • Causes of fires
  • Health and safety / fire legislation
  • Employer / employee responsibilities
  • 3 steps to fire safety
  • Fire prevention
  • The fire triangle
  • Fire spread / Compartmentation
  • Fire detection
  • Emergency procedures in the event of a fire
  • Employee responsibilities
  • PEEPs
  • Fire Warden responsibilities
  • Fire log
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Types / usage
  • Rules / dos and don’ts
  • Practical demonstration of handling and discharging an extinguisher


Brilliant trainer. Made me feel confident and happy to show people what I learnt.

D. F.