DSE Risk Assessor Training

Managing risks in the workplace

Occupational health is a big concern for employers. Workplace injury is not just a risk for manual labour; heavy screen use and incorrect workstations can also cause staff injury and illness. To combat this problem, health and safety regulations dictate that employers regularly assess both the workstation and the working environment of employees who are required to use computer workstations and display screen equipment.

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

During RS Safety Consulting’s Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessor training, we train a group of employees to assist their colleagues to adopt the correct posture at their workstation by making small adjustments to their chair, their computer screen, their mouse and their keyboard, thereby reducing the risk of staff suffering with pain and discomfort.

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Course content

The level 2 award in DSE risk assessment covers:

  • The importance of DSE risk assessments
  • The principles of controlling the risks from DSE workstations
  • How to undertake a DSE risk assessment

We strongly believe in learning by doing, not just by listening to a presentation. As well as being extremely informative, all of our courses are fun, engaging and interactive.

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Great interaction. Overall very useful training.

S. H.